3D Printable Oseberg Tablets

There's a historical tablet weaving group on facebook, and I noticed in their files an interesting paper describing the physical dimensions of the tablets found in the Oseberg ship burial.

I decided to produce a 3d render of the tablets from this blueprint.

I've uploaded the model to Thingiverse.  The scale is 1 unit = 1 millimeter.

I used OpenJSCAD to do the 3d modeling.  It's a Javascript implementation of the OpenSCAD system where you build a 3d model by writing code.  This is probably a terrible way for most people to do 3d modeling, but for this kind of simple geometric object, and for me, a software engineer, it's pretty great.  OpenSCAD is a terrible language, and while I have issues with Javascript, it's functional.  Plus, openjscad.org runs in your browser, so you don't have to download anything.

This is the code I used to build the tablet.  If you want to modify it, feel free.

Because someone asked for it, here's a .dxf file of the 2d view of the tablet.  Probably useful if you want to laser cut them or something.

Let me know if you make these!

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