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Putting It All Together: Late 14th Century Transitional Cotehardie

At theendofallthiswork, I had one final garment to assemble: a cotehardie.  I wanted to push the style a little towards the end of period and chose to do angel-wing sleeves and a standing collar, which matched a black example from the Tristan wall hanging, and also shows up in some other contexts, such as this altar front from Bellver de Cerdanya:
These features would later develop into houpellandes, but I didn't wand to a) figure out an entirely new pattern and b) I'm fabulous and wanted to show off.

I'm very happy with the overall outfit, although it has a number of significant snags, particularly with the under layer.
Materials I chose five yards of a gold and beige "silk" fabric that was on sale from Etsy at a delightful price for the shell, on the advice that the pattern was more or less appropriate.  I expected the gold thread to be plastic, but unfortunately it seems, after a burn test, that the other threads are also not totally silk.  Tears.

The fabric…

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