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14th Century Clothing: The Hood

A hood is a must for this outfit.
The Cut I started out with a muslin based on one of the Herjolfsnes hoods.  These finds from 14th century Greenland are amazing in that they are very intact and we have several examples all from the same spot, although they of course are very remote in both space and class from my imagined late 14th-century French noble.  Still, one must start with something, and there are only so many shapes for a hood.
With the assistance of some friends who are experts at clothing, I draped the hood and made some adjustments to get it to fit me better.  The overall plan is just one flat piece folded over the crown of the head, and a triangular gore in the center front.

There's also a liripipe attaching to the back.  It's important to have a pretty long liripipe to be able to make the fancier hood-as-hat styles work.  And to annoy your parents by wearing your hood wrong.  I have trouble imagining these fashions starting out as anything other than a teenage …

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