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Honeyed Shredded Meat... Spaetzle?

I spent the weekend hanging out with Magnus and we tried recipe 35 from Ni Zan's Dietary System, which I posted a translation of recently.  Here's how I translated it initially:
35 Honeyed Red Silk NoodlesTake true flour and soak it in egg [lit. “embryos”] and mix it well. Boil concentrated rice straw ash liquor or charcoal ash liquor, and lace noodles through it and it will be complete. Serve in clear chicken broth, with shredded chicken, or shredded meat, and it’s appropriate to use as a “nod.”

With the original text in Chinese:


So we got some wood ashes and soaked them in water to get lye,
Decanted and strained,
Set it to boil and mixed a cup of rice flour with five eggs - enough eggs to make it as liquid as seemed right.
And then we tried to force it through a wire colander to get it to make noodles in the simmering lye.


Not so much.

We got a product much more like spaetzle.
We tasted it, and it was ok but, uh, definitely …

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