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14th Century Doublet and Hose

The next step for my 14th century outfit (previously) is the mid-layer: a doublet / pourpoint / jupon and hose.

Of course, I neglected to take a photo of me in just this layer, so oops.  The doublet also has a ton of issues with it.  I learned a lot during the process, but despite my goal of being able to wear it by itself, it has too many flaws to make that work well.

As with the rest of the process, I had a ton of help with fitting and drafting from my verytalentedfriends.
Hose On the advice of my more historically-versed friends, I decided to make a pair of separate, but very high, hose in order to match the historical examples, such as from the hose section of my earlier post, and because I have nice legs.  The Thing To Do with hose in this period is to cut them from a fine, worsted wool, on the bias.
What that means is a wool that hasn't been felted, so the fibers can slide past each other, and to cut it so that the diagonal of the fabric is oriented up and down the leg.  Th…

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