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6th-7th Century Linen Trousers

My various friends' fears of running around Pennsic naked and exposed got to me and I started thinking about making new pants.  Not because I don't have pants.  Not because one even really needs pants at Pennsic, with long tunics (1) doing just fine.

But because it is the thing to do.

I wound up making a pair of pants in less than a yard of 54" fabric.  Efficiency!

I at first wanted to tackle the Thorsbjerg trousers.  These are a fitted pair from the 3rd century CE, but the way the seat is constructed matches scraps found as late as the 11th century in Viking contexts.  I'd managed to track down the original patterns from Ancient Danish textiles from bogs and burials: a comparative study of costume and Iron Age textiles by Margrethe Hald, which other books assure me has the most accurate pattern around (2).

The pattern is exactly the one displayed on this site, and so I thought I'd have a go at their pattern drafting instructions.  They didn't math, which is t…

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