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My Late-Viking-Era Norse Outfit for the 2020s

  Photo credit Piglet Evans, used with permission.  Not released under cc-by-sa. I've been gradually making tweaks to my best-dress reenacting kit, and thought it was worth taking time to post an overview before diving into the individual parts.  Most of the thinking in this outfit is covered in  my earlier post surveying Viking male clothing , and I lean heavily on Thor Ewing's Viking Clothing , along with checking out specific finds and some experiments. This outfit is the first thing I've made with entirely hand-sewing, and the first outfit I've made entirely myself.  I'm quite proud of it, despite some flaws!  I've been really enjoying exploring the various costuming choices and the limitations of our knowledge. Let's walk through the outfit tip-to-toe.  I hope to come back and add links to follow-up posts as I add more detail, so I'll keep each segment brief.  Subscribe to the blog if you want to get updates automatically :) Feedback is welcome!  Pl

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