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14th Century Clothing: A Few Examples from the V&A

The folks over at Historical Textiles posted a few images they took at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London: I want to talk about these pieces because they have some interesting examples of 14th century clothing which are relevant to my ongoing quest: how long should the doublet be?  I hadn't really looked at these pieces before.

I'm looking primarily for examples of fashion garments, not armor, and trying to answer the same few questions:
Are people wearing cotehardies (tighter, buttons), houppelandes (looser, fancy sleeves), or both?How long are the skirts on cotehardies and houppelandes?What information about hood styles can be determined? Special thanks to Vika for providing invaluable second opinions and sanity checking on this article.
The Tristan Quilt The first item is the Tristan Quilt, which dates to the second half of the 14th century, and was made in Sicily.  The V&A's page for it has some good images, which I wil…

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