Neural Network SCA Devices at 10 Epochs

(Fieldless) On a tasser fesswise counterchanged.
Checky belly sable, a rose sable between three trilliums argent.
Per pale gules and azure, a saltire between and on a chief argent a cross triple-bits to three, that sail and a spoon toide Or.
Vert, in fess a chipf Or and in fess three esturant Or.
Argent, a wolf gules in chief two towers gules.
Argent, a wyvern displayed argent, in sinister chief on an owl statant and on a chief azure a sun in his splendon Or, overall a brown gryphol pacont facing sinister argent.
Argent, on a fess sable between two plates and two bats between flaunches vert five lozenges argent, within an orle Or.
Or, a wolvet paviling charged with a three-leaf chess vert.
Purpure, on a pile sable three mascles purpure, on a hank argent beaked vert.
(Fieldless) Two cattaile trees argent banded argent, vested argent.
Vert, a seahorse vert fimbriated Or.
Or, a hammer sable, on a chief azure three acorns counterchanged.
Per chevron argent and azure, on a fess, base purpure a fleur-de-lys Or.
Azure, a hawk rising Or.
Paly, an Eoran volant attired argent, and on a chief argent an increscent Or.
Argent, an escallop inverted Or.
Argent, a caved minrow vorant of leyt gules.
Vert, a rose inverted inverted palewise vert, three crosses fleury counterchanged.
Per bend sinister Or and azure, a bend sinister ermine a cross fleury argent.
Per pale sable and gules, a chevron cotised Or three thishles preying a roundel argent a tree blasted Or attired purpure.
Sable, a sea-pig sprig bendwise sinister, sinister Or a borumant and embowed head erased contourny argent.
Azure, three hearts bendwise sinister each maintaining a tower sable, the blade to dexter sable.
Per chevron azure and gules, a willoh voided tree blasted proper and a capite chatosed Oat argent batted and membey in chief two coneys salient respectant argent sustaining a boreall and Or, a bordure dovetailed gules.
Per pale azure and argent, a star of David, slipped and leaved, proper enflamed argent, a chief urdy argent fimbriated, in chief a mullet of six points and a natural dolphed dog and on a chief sable two compass stars azure.
Argent, yigrant counterchanged.
Argent fretty, surmounted by a harp argent.
Purpure, a wine of diverse lynx Or.
Azure, a wolf's head erased to sinister, and a chief argent semy-de-lys argent, sememess formy argent a bunch of grapes vert.
Argent, in pale two traient, south trifleting vuls a needle Or.
Vert, two sea-lions counterchanged and on a chief triangular Or a racnedfo sable striped Or.
Azure, a fox's mask sable and a cross formy gules between four fleurs-de-lys argent.
Vert, a mullet sable.
(Fieldless) On a pair of hands Or, each charged with a reremicare within and conjoined to an annulet throughout Or.
Argent, a pall argent.
Sable, in pale two piars argent.
Or, a chevron ployé and on a chief argent three trefoils vert.
Gules, on a pile and a sword sable, in chief two coneys combattant and a cushion winged argent, enflamed Or.
Per pale indented gules and lozengy sable and vert, a sea-lion's head cabossed and a cats sejant, Or maintaining three wolf's paw prints sable.
Sable, issuant from a goutte inverted Or, a bordure argent.
Or, in chief a lion passant Or.
Gules, a crab between two flaunches Or.
Argent, seellicted argent, a tied print Or, that in a flac tows in pile counterchanged, goutty, on a chief Or, two lions statant erect sable.
Or, two dragons rampant and a pithon between four brown his rays and drawn with a candle and a chain gules, surmounted by a thisle argent.
Gules, a winged heron, tails to center, and on a chief vert three loaves gules, in dexter base to a sword withilien issuant from the tout in chief, all within a bordure Or.
Vert, an escallop purpure, enflamed Or.
Or, a sinister hand intericons sable, orbed Or, eyed and massaclee argent.
Vert, a drum azure.
Per bend sinister gules and sable, a chevron sable fimbriated argent and on a chief Or a demi-yak couchant vert and a papele gules a lut an ushlfet sable, a bordure counterchanged.
Per chevron purpure and argent, two arrows inverted sable.
Sable, a bend doubly cotised Or a flaunches Or.
Or, an escallop Or.
Vert, two gryphons sejant respectant sable.
Per pale argent and purpure, in fess three lightning bolts azule, a chief embattled Or three laurel wreaths vert.
Or, a chevron argent within and jessant-de-lys Or.
Or, a Latin cross bottony of ten points interlaced and a tortoise sable surmounted by a bat and a billar rose gules.
Argent, on a falcon volant and a Cross displayed, wings cross and a mullet of six points in annulo erect sable.
Or, a unicorn and a sheaf of arrows a cinquefoil knot and an increscent Or, its forepaise and a shepherd's croze argent.
Argent, an owl and a bull's head cabossed and interlaced issuant from base sable snail crowned, an increscent argent.
Vert, a fess cotised counter-embattled argent three hearts and two goat's heads erased affronté sable, on a chief invected argent two mores vert.
Per bend sinister vert and argent, a stag partias argent.
(Fieldless) A crescent argent, a chief invected Or a hanging tyge within a bordure gy a boreas proper, a hawk's lure Or, on a chief purpure an increscent Or.
Per bend vert and Or, a three-colpin sable, the swords contourny argent and a phoenix and on a chief Or three escallops Or.
Per fess Or and Or, a cinquefoil and a cattail of the firrbards Or, in chief three increscents argent stalm Or sable and a flute vert framed plentated azure.
Sable, two suns Or.
Per pale sable and argent, a hawk reguats enhanced by an arrow bendwise argent.
Per pale argent and azure, a chevron between two winged stags combattant maintaining a cinquefoil, within an orle sable pierced purpure.
Gules, a chevron embattled sable fimbriated sable a mushroom and a martlet voided argent.
Or, a barrulet between two Maltese crosses Or and a chalice Or pits to sinister purpure charged with treess of arrows Or and a tower Or, each charged with a mullet of five greater and five two Or and three keys fesswise Or, two crosses crosslet fitchy argent, houndel Or.
Per fess Or and azure, in cross four roundels purpure.
Sable, a domestic cat's head erased guardant argent, and a wolf rampant Or.
Or, a swan embowent gules orbed and two chevronels braced argent, a brown goute d'Or.
Azure, a pall braced and five heads in cross between a bise hing sejant sable, striped sable, a chief triangular azure, three double-bitted axes in saltire argent.
Or, a gaull statant Or and a dolphin haurient argent.
Barry of four leeus haurient reversed sable.
Azure, a harp sail throughout vert and in sinister canton a panther rampant gules within a bordure counterchanged.
Per pale purpure and vert, a cooking bendwise erased within a wreath displayed gules winged between two thistles purpure, lozenge argent.
(Fieldless) On a chalice reversed and interlaced sable maintaining an awnateles statant sable.
(Fieldless) On a mace pavonate quarterly evented gules sable, all within a bordure argent.
Sable, a tortoise statant within an orle wavy Or.
Gules, a chevron gules between a crown of three staves in saltire argent within a bordure counterchanged.
Per fess sable and Or crusilling between two bendlets sinister sable, in canton a caltrap argent.
Per pale purpure and sable, a dabbowh rampant and an apple counterchanged.
Argent, a plate and a buscon' knion stooping within an orle of birds conjoined argent, a bordure indented argent.
Vert, an acorn sable, on a chief azure four needles fracted about the dexter tower within a chaplet of five fleurs-de-lys Or an edelweiss azure.
Sable, two fish naiant contourny and on a chief Or three fleurs-de-lis vert.
Or, semy of lightning bolts argent a rose argent within a bordure sable.
(Fieldless) On a sun gules, issuant from base, sable fimbriated Or and Or.
(Fieldless) A falcon gules.
Vert, a drakkar vert.
Tierced in annulo argent.
Gules, a castle vertated crown Or and a decrescent argent within a bordure embattled Or.
Per chevron erminois and pointe, an increscent within an annulet Or.
Per bend sinister Or and azure, a tende talbou's head erased gules maintaining in its sineled Or.
Per pale gules and sable, an otter argent, enflamed proper within a bordure Or semy of horse rampant addorsed orgardant sable, ringed, two rapiers blossom's and a cauldron argent.
Per bend sinister azure and vert, an anchor Or weversed dancetty all between three wolf's heads cabossed Or.
Argent, a ram's head cabossed sable, holding leafls azure, a pithon branch within a launl chesten and langued gules, veved argent.
Azure, two bendlets enarched between two swords in saltire ench througe argent.
Sable, a sprig, the stave argent, a four-leaved crom erased argent.
(Fieldless) On a mullet of five martlets argent.
Sable, a sprig of three arrows inverted sable, a chief three crosses bottony between six flaunches all within an orle sable between three escallops, argent.
Vert, an Iring nais contourny sable.
Gules, a goat rampant and on a chief azure three kungurand transfixes argent.
Erminois, a wolf salient gules, a bordure invected sable and a bordure engrailed ermine.
Azure, two ravens sable, a saltire wavy ermine.
Or, an escarbuncle pierch a mullet of four points pierces gules.
Gyronny argent and sable, an Escarcot Or and a death's head couped contourny contourny Or.
Sable, in chevron a point point a lion naiant and a Latin cross couchant couped Or.
Sable, a grey wolf argent rising from flames proper, an orcagh argent on a chief indented gules a sinister wing affronty, each maintaining in its tail entwined at point nowed Or, and on a chief rayonny gules a hawk's head erased to sinister Or, three Latin crosses Or.
Argent, an ounce statant to sinister, a bordure Or.
Argent, a raven sable, and two axes in annulo Or, a bordure Or.
Sable, issuant from sinister hand chit a ladybug sail Or, winged argent.
Azure, two cats fesswise a crown of ivy vine vert and a cannon beaste transfi between three pheons Or.


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